Wedding Celebrant Sydney

There’s one licenced and registered wedding celebrant sydney couples should get to manage the formalisation of their union, from pre-wedding to the wedding ceremony itself and even post-wedding activities—and that’s Chris Pinto. Chris Pinto is a Sydney-based Civil Marriage Celebrant who has helped countless couples in officiating their weddings, same sex ceremonies, renewal of vows, legals only weddings, and elopements.

More than just mouthing the words as prescribed by law, a wedding celebrant should make the ceremony personalised. He should make the occasion more intimate and warmer not only for those who are getting married but for all the guests who are sharing the momentous occasion with the couple. And that’s where you will need the expertise of Chris Pinto, Wedding Celebrant Extraordinaire. With 5-star reviews under his belt, Chris makes sure you and your guests will experience a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony that’s filled with emotional, funny, tender, and candid moments that will make the union truly memorable.

When you get Chris Pinto as your wedding celebrant, you won’t have to worry about all the paperwork that needs to be done to formalise your union. Chris also takes the time with you and your partner to get to know you more so that there’s authenticity when he prepares the writing of the ceremony, peppering it with anecdotes, trivia, and inside jokes that will make everyone laugh, smile, and feel a little bit nostalgic or wishful.

As a talented and creative celebrant with a gift for gab and a sharp wit, Chris has made your special day his passion; his goal is to align your excitement and expectations to make this special day of the happiest days of your life. By creating an intimate and unforgettable experience, your ceremonial union is getting a perfect send off to marital bliss. Whether the civil ceremony is a simple celebration or an elaborate affair, you can count on Chris Pinto to make this day very special and worth remembering for the rest of your life.

If you want to make your ceremonial union unforgettable, Chris Pinto is The Man! With humour, warmth, wit, and candour that will elicit laughter, and yes, some tearful moments, Chris expertly guides you and those present through a multitude of feelings that makes your union a very meaningful celebration. Contact Chris Pinto at 0408 295 097 or email


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